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Market Spotlight

Great time to shop for fresh food!  Peaches, nectarines, blueberries, watermlons, and cherries are all available.  And USA grown!


Tip of the Week

It's time to plant,, now what?

Perennials, roses and shrubs can benefit from a good dose of organic material like compost or peat moss. New plantings, add a shovel-ful to the botttom of the hole.  Existing plantings, topdress the base of plants with a shovel-ful.

Plant only as deeply as the existing container.  Don't bury little guys way up the plant, it tends to promote rot.

After planting, water well and choose a plant food. Slow release granules when planting, plus a water soluble food twice a month is our recommendation for big beautiful plants and a healthy root system.